What if your decision today can save lives tomorrow?

All over the world, families are coming together to celebrate the Festive Season.  And many of us are looking forward to a new year filled with promise and possibility.

But what if your next year depended on the kindness of strangers?  What if you have been waiting for a cornea transplant to help you see?  Or a bone graft to help you move?  Or heart valve surgery to help you life your life to the fullest?

Sadly, that is the reality for many people in South Africa.  The need for organ and tissue transplants far outstrips the availability of organs and tissue.  Which means waiting, sometimes for a lifetime.

Organ and tissue donation is a selfless gift.  An immeasurable gift.  A small action – the decision to register as an organ and tissue donor – literally makes the difference between a life lived to its full potential and a life waiting in expectation.

In the words of the famous Dr Seuss, what if the greatest gift you gave this Festive Season didn’t come from a store?

What if you gave someone the option to stop waiting and start living?

What if a small action on your part had the potential to change the lives of 65 or more people?

Registering as an organ and tissue donor, and telling your loved ones about your intention to donate, does just that.  It gives so many more people a chance to survive illness and trauma, and live life fully.

To register as an organ and tissue donor, please visit www.vitanova.org.za and complete the Quick Registration form.  A consultant from the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) will call you to complete the registration and answer any questions you may have.

It is important to tell your loved ones about your decision.  When you pass away, they will be asked for permission to donate and it will make it easier for them to consent if they are sure about your intention to donate.

This gift which doesn’t come from a store, but from a caring heart, will keep on giving in the most remarkable way.

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