Young and old. Men and women.  Tall and short.  Organ and tissue donation needs all of us.

Most of us can register as organ and tissue donors.  So many patients who are waiting for donated organs and tissue can be helped if we all take action.

Registering as an organ and tissue donor is a decision that can change lives forever.  Most of us have the potential to save a life.  Deciding to register as an organ and tissue donor, can be a complex decision if the facts about becoming and being a donor, are not at hand.  We hope that the information in this article will help you decide.


It can be hard to think about what’s going to happen to your body after you die, let alone donating your organs and tissue. But being an organ and tissue donor is a generous and worthwhile decision.

If you’ve never considered organ donation or delayed becoming a donor because of possibly inaccurate information, it is important to familiarise yourself with organ and tissue donation before you decide to register.  Information regarding donor  registration is available on our website ( as well as from the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) at 


Once you have reviewed the information about donor registration, and have decided that it is something you would like to do, the next step is registration.  The ODF manages South Africa’s National Donor Registry.

Registration is a quick and easy, 3-step process.

Step 1:  Log on to

Step 2:  On the home page, at the very top of the page, find and click on the ‘Register as a donor’ button or click here

Step 3:  Complete the form and submit

The ODF will contact you telephonically to complete the registration and answer any questions you have about organ and tissue donation.


The last, but most important thing you need to do is tell your loved ones about your decision to become an organ and tissue donor.  No donation will be accepted without consent from the next of kin at the time of death, so it is vital that your family knows that you want to donate.  It will help make the decision to consent to donation easier for them, in what is normally a very emotional and stressful time.

While nothing takes away the pain and distress of losing a loved one, many families tell us that it eases the experience for them to know that their gift brings hope and healing to someone else.

We are inspired by you.

At Vitanova, every person who makes the decision to donate is a hero in our eyes.  We applaud and honour the courage and selflessness which inspire every donation decision.  And we believe in donating.  We hope you do too.

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