Support pours in from CapeTalk listeners for Lotus River teen in need of eye op

13-year-old Thyneeca Adonis was diagnosed with Keratoconus a month ago, has already lost 90% of the vision in her right eye and 50% in her left.

She needs a corneal transplant, but the surgery costs more than R100,000. It’s money her family doesn’t have, so her mom, Elizanne has set up a BackaBuddy campaign to raise the funds needed.

But on Lester Kiewit’s Morning Review show on Wednesday, CapeTalk listeners and local organisations pledged their support.

Sandra Venter at Vitanova – a tissue bank connected to Bone SA – pledged to create a donor-tissue cornea for Thyneeca completely free of charge.

Also, on Wednesday, an anonymous donor gifted R30 000 to the Backabuddy campaign set up to help cover the cost of the surgery, contributing to the current running total of just over R72 000.
Elizanne told Lester Kiewit that while it’s a really tough time for Thyneeca, her daughter’s spirits are buoyed by the support she’s receiving.
The situation is such that Thyneeca’s deteriorating sight has begun to negatively affect her school work.


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