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About Vitanova

Tissue donation improves and saves lives. It is life-altering and it is our mission, our fight, what we live and breathe.

Vitanova wants every South African who can donate to know, care, and talk about tissue donation.

One of only two tissue banks in South Africa, Vitanova educates the South African public on tissue donation and actively encourages registration as an organ and tissue donor.

What We Do

Our Name, Vitanova – means ‘new life’ & that is what we do every day – give new life through tissue donation.

Our Heritage

Vitanova is a division of Bone SA, a South African non-profit organisation which has, for more than a quarter of a century worked to improve patients’ access to high-quality, safe human tissue products.

Every Patient Served

To ensure that every patient who needs human tissue for transplantation or implantation is served, Vitanova – the connective tissue bank of South Africa – was established in the Western Cape in 2020.

Our Vast Network

We work closely with doctors, nursing professionals, hospitals, pathology services and funeral homes to create networks which help us to identify potential donors.


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