Honouring Our Tissue Donors

We Salute Legacies That Live On – Our Tissue Donors

Tissue donors are ordinary people who give an extraordinary gift.

Whether it is a tissue donor who made the decision to donate whilst still alive, or a family who opted for hope – rather than despair – when they consented to donation, we believe that decision deserves to be honoured.

We believe that precious, life-altering gifts like that should be remembered and celebrated.

We do this through a Donor Tribute Ceremony, a simple but heart-felt candle lighting ceremony once a year.

Vitanova’s Tissue Donor Memorial Wall

It is also why we have a beautiful Memorial Wall at Vitanova. It is a tangible reminder to us every day that selfless decisions, made by ordinary people and brave families, enable us to do what we do. Donor families have the option to add their loved one’s details to the wall.

And we offer it to anyone who needs to pause to remember a loved one – you are always welcome at Vitanova.

Are you an everyday hero?

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